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Hi, beautiful.

My name is Justine Luzzi.

My biggest strengths are my powerful intuition and my ability to feel energy strongly.

I wasn’t always aware of that. Back in 2013, I had an eye-opening spiritual awakening, where I had to face the truth about all aspects of my life.

I was terrified. All my fears rushed to the surface and I had to knock them down, one limiting belief after another.

During my journey I began to discover my core spiritual beliefs. These are principles that are placed in your highest truth and can be uncovered by working together <3

  • We are the creators of our own life. Everything is a choice and we have the power to manifest anything we truly want. We are powerful than you may think.
  • We are all psychic. Intuition is the channel in which we are spoken to. We already have all the answers. We need to be quiet in order to truly listen.
  • Intentions are never enough if not combined with action. Intention + authentic action = Creating what we want.
  • The universe is filled with Universal Laws. The most well-known is the Law of Attraction; what we put out we always get back.
  • Emotional freedom can be achieved if you are able to feel your true feelings. In order to let go of the negative ones, you need to acknowledge their presence first.
  • Emotional freedom can be achieved by anyone, can be done holistically, and will take you farther than you ever thought possible.
  • Lack of clarity is the number one reason for procrastination. All procrastination is fear-based.
  • Fear isn’t real. It may feel very real, but the truth is that it’s a manifestation of ego. There is one core emotion that truly exists, and that is love. Every positive emotion can be found under the umbrella of love.
  • Our personality is not who we truly are. It is simply our personality. We are our highest truths, based in love. We are all one, we are all connected.
  • There is no right or wrong, or black or white. There are only different perspectives and shades of gray.
  • Miracles exist. They are simple just a shift from ego to love.
  • This isn’t our first life. We have existed countless lifetimes. The things that happen to us are a manifestation of dharma, which means ‘karmic debt’.
  • We all exist for a reason. It is our responsibility to fulfill our passions and show our gifts to the world.

These are my spiritual truths, the core foundation in which I use in coaching, mentoring, and healing. If these resonate with you, we should talk.

Healing is painful. Healing is uncomfortable. It’s going to take a lot of emotional, spiritual, and mental work. It’s not going to be easy. After all, Buddha says, “Life is suffering.” How we navigate and manage that suffering is key.

I’d be honored to go on this journey with you.

And one last thing; all pain is temporary. Trust me.


Justine Luzzi

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