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Hi beautiful.


Hi, I’m Justine, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, & Mentor.

I help my clients to…

• Find clarity around life, work, business, relationships, and everything in between!
• Connect to a higher power, universe, source, the Divine, angels, ascended masters, God, yourself.
• Create emotional freedom from mild anxiety, depression, anger, co-dependency, and so much more!
• Have breakthroughs in limited beliefs and fears you may or may not be aware of.
• With spiritual guidance that can help you manage everyday life.
• Heal during their darkest times.
• Manage being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Empath
• Hold space for clients to feel their feelings are valid and heard.
• Create a different mindset by seeing other perspectives and perceptions.
• Connect to their highest selves and create a life that feels good to the most authentic parts of themselves.
• Manifest what they need out of relationships, career, and life in general.
• Bring light to the unhealed parts of themselves and help in the healing process.
• Mentor around spiritual awakenings and spiritual gifts so they don’t feel alone or “crazy.”
• Coach around boundaries and healthy relationships.

Why am I qualified? What is my background?

I had an intense kundalini experience (spiritual awakening) about four years ago that made me conscious of the deepest part of myself. I awoke to things that were bigger than me in order to heal the unhealed parts of myself. Since then I have done intense trainings that help me enhance my skills. These trainings include:
• Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass
• Doreen Virtue Crystal Therapy Certification
• Inner Glow Circle Coaching Program Training

My beliefs

• I believe we are our souls, not our bodies, not even our minds.
• I believe we are the creators of our own lives. Everything happens FOR US, not to us.
• I believe we are powerful human beings that can manifest anything we truly want.
• I believe all feelings are valid. If they weren’t valid, we wouldn’t have them.
• I believe we can heal ourselves.
• I believe we can all achieve enlightenment, inner peace, as long as we want it bad enough.
• I believe in the divine feminine, which is the rising of the female energy.
• I believe that we are all here for a purpose. We all have a special gift and it is our responsibility to share them with the world.
• I believe we are being talked to every single day, straight from a divine source, through our intuition.
• I believe in the power of spiritual tools, such as crystals, meditation, and angel cards.
• I believe we are not alone. We have angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides that are always with us.
• I believe there are really only two main emotions, love and fear.
• I believe in miracles, which is really just a shift from fear to love.
• I believe everything we experience is the universe teaching us something. It is up to us to figure out the lesson.

Mostly, though, I believe in you.
You got this, goddess. Let me help!

Always believing in you,
Justine Luzzi


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